Nik Woh is the fortunate possessor of a hatil azimai that has been in hei' family for generations and was used originally brought fi-om Mecca. In so far as the youthful portion of the population is concerned, only one 300 step child labor. As their record is not very encouraging there is a demand taking for an act of Parliament to compel them to perform their duties efficiently, and if necessary to provide grants toward the cost involved. Resolved, That a copy of the above be entered in our records, sent to his family, and published NOTICE OP OOMPBTITIVB EXAMINATION FOR QUALIFICATION "for" ON THE ELIGIBLE LIST OF CANDIDATES FOR POSITIONS AS STATE DISTRICT HEALTH OFFICERS AND EPIDEMIOLOGIST IN THE MASSACHUSETTS STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. Ambulance in prescription Paris, and also of the Harvard surgical unit of the British Army. Backache to may be a premonitory symptom of smallpox; it may occur in Malta fever; or it may follow typhoid fever. As throwing light on the possible mechanism of the effect of hypophysis extracts on diuresis, Brunn calls especial attention to zyloprim the fact that during the checking of diuresis marked hydremia is noted. Id a short time it became a settled opinion that its prevalence, like other epidemics, depended upon a peculiar state of the atmosphere, and the predisposition of the people being favourable to its operation (pain). Containing no acid or alkali The objectionable feature of irritation caused by slight drug acidity, or alkalinity, so often found in Stanolind Liquid Paraffin is a most desirable vehicle for most of the medicinal agents indicated in the treatment of skin diseases. It is estimated that to tablets the middle of beginning of the outbreak. Has been transferred to Wellesley Avenue Seven new btiildings on fifty acres of high woodland (side). There is usually a history of long-continued expectoration of large quantities of advanced pus. Local throat treatment plus a course uk of an autogenous gonococcus vaccine were given. The phantasy of the individual listener is not limited by the mood of the artist (gout). It is of interest that connective tissues, including ligaments, outside of the body effects react in characteristic ways to acids and alkalies, swelling and shrinking according to chemical reactions of the medium in which they are immersed. Bone solid with could be completely flexed by passive motion, the patient what would not move it thru entirely well without any support and he walked with a very slight limp.

OF the many practical questions which present themselves to the minds of students of medicine, and even more forcibly to the minds of young graduates, few, I take it, are more interesting than the one:" Shall I practice medicine in general, or become The importance of this question seems to warrant my making it the text of remarks guestbook on this occasion, when the Faculty of the College have delegated to me the pleasing duty of bidding you The growth of specialism in medicine is quite modern, I might say recent, yet its germ is ancient. When growing in large numbers the colonies are smaller and tend to coalesce, forming an almost solid covering for the slant (treat). Heineberg regarding diagnosis at the termination of pregnancy he believed the most important aid in during diagnosis was a painstaking history. In one case there was the exceptional symptom, namely, marked staggering when the eyes are closed, yet no anaesthesia of the soles of the feet: attack. Filling defects must be carefully differentiated from indentations into the wall of the stomach by gas in the colon, adjacent extrinsic tumors, enlarged spleen or liver, mesenteric growths, and organic spasm of tablet the gastric walls. Syphilis and yaws have frequently been observed in the same individual; syphilitics have Scheube believes yaws and verruga to be identical, but mechanism Glogner has recently drawn a careful distinction between the histology of the two diseases, and has clearly shown that they are not identical. True, the first articulate sounds were uttered in the service of sex passion (Talmey,"The Genesis of Speech," American Medicine, from its mother, language and mother are two entirely different conceptions and do not mg stand in any relation to each other.

The tumor was interactions examined by some one for Dr. That there is a possibility of its containing Hving bacilli which do may infect the patient. Beginning with chapters buy on the armamentarium, local and general anesthesia, hand disinfection and the preparation of the operative field, the author passes to the consideration of wounds, iniuries, and infections of all sorts affecting the soft parts and the various complications that may arise, together with their treatment, acute osteomyelitis, diabetes in surgery, surgical tuberculosis, and various other subjects appropriately grouped under the heading"general" surgery. They are urged to oflPer their services That the Surgeon-General should have of an immense corps of Medical Reserve Officers upon which to draw, enabling him to place the individual where he will be best fitted for the service, is manifestly apparent. Histories in accompanying patients are often meager. He would rather sacrifice the patient's life than try any doctor or remedy outside of his school Dr: is.


The hygiene that is responsible cost has good for securing personal hygiene as We would like to send a Monograph free to every BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL dietetic problems is firequetitly found in the offers a valuable safeguard against contamination and the invasion conditions from selected highgrade cow's milk and sugar.

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