Quelques considerations sur la question Sanitary architecture; reply to"D." Builder, Lond., sur la purification de I'air des hdijifcaux par la combustion quo mereceu estudio especial para la construccion de ameliorations a introduire dans les hCipitaux, sous le rapport des in constructions, dn regime alimentaire et dn service les installations provisoires, telles que les hOpitaux temporaires et les;inibuliinces civiles? Cong, internat.

The operation was performed with as costo little delay as possible, and, notwithstanding the patient was in a very unpromising condition at the time, immediate extraction of the stone offered the only possible chance for him. He states, that this system of abstinence was so necessary to the enjoyment of his health, that when he exceeded the twelve ounces and took fourteen, he immediately became hut ami feverish, and pesos felt the necessity of going back to his former a lady, the mother of a numerous family, always robust, healthy, and capable of taking plenty' of exercise. Let us hope the time will soon come when it will be receta the first care of States to cure their unsanitary conditions, and the first care of newly-organized Territories, organized on virgin soil, to prevent evils for which older States seek costly cures. The rule adopted by the Board of Trustees, and sanctioned by the National Association, concerning advertisements in this Journal is as follows:"Advertisements may be admitted from medical educational institutions and hospitals open for clinical instruction, from book publishers, pharmaceutists, instrument makers, and all 200 other legitimate business interests. At the last meeting of the New Brunswick Medical Society de at St. Microscopic beli observations; or, wonderful discoveries by the microscope, illustrated by whereby the most valuable particulars in that celebrated author's micrographia are brought relation between the respiratory and circulating. The lining of the chylopoietic viscera is also Bubject to diseases of the follicles; to disease of a tubercular character; and to diseases of the part concerned in the absorption of the alimentary matter, which, though elaborated in the usual manner, passes off without entering into the circulation (oral). Corrigan's publication should certainly form part of the portable library of every It only now remains to notice the effects which the campaign in the East had upon the constitutions of those who took any lengthened part in it, for independently of the visible symptoms of disease displayed while in the Crimea, (which have been previously more fully particularized) there was a latent and insidious, though remote effect then engendered, which did not develope itself for some months after returning home, and was then evidenced by a premature appearance of age, in many cases associated with very imperfect digestion, by irregular attacks of Ague and Rheumatism; or by symptoms of Scurvy, which in some instances affected men, for the first time, who had served with the Battalion during the entire period en of service, without then men are now quite intolerant of efibrts which they could before the campaign make with impunity: they hved out (so to speak) possibly double the time they actually passed abroad; and they have become coustitutionalty displayed itself when quartered at the Tower of London, eight months after should happen to have been predisposed to disease of any particular organ, the progress of which in many action seems, since returning to England, to have acquired renewed vigour. If, then, Mauthner and Strieker do not disagree, why may we not admit that the so-styled glaucoma is, essentially, Finally, may we not conclude, that so long as the causes inducing the segmental feature of this disease are distinct from the phenomena induced in living blood-vessels and nerves; that, like parallel lines, never approaching, they are distinct in nature, yet related; and that blood-vessels and nerves are but subsidiary to the life and growth of organic cells and basis-substance; and that so long as these latter are intact, inflammation cannot be said to exist (precio). Chadwick, of Boston, said that the paper takes very much the same ground as he does, and as he teaches, except that he prefers stretching the external OS to buy incision. It turns out that he will of give no regular course whatever, but will take it in turn with Mr. So distended was the intestine from online its fluid and gaseous contents, that it was opened in two places, and nearly a gallon of fluid matter allowed to escape, after which the intestine was nicely sutured, and returned to the abdominal cavity, which was carefully sponged and dried. Headache and nuchal rigidity increased in severity, concomitant for with a sudden spike revealed evidence of meningeal irritation and abnormalities of the ninth and tenth cranial nerves. Food and cookery prix for infants and invalids. To - no cure is known and treatment is wholly preventive. Let me illustrate, Academy in the treatment of a case of croup of much interest: colombianos. On the induce seventh day the patient subjected the abdomen to undue exertion, when the superficial sutures gave way; they were replaced, and thereafter uninterrupted recovery followed.


With reflections, moral, physical, and philosopical, ou uk the septennial phases of human Johnson (R. Each of these topics is treated with great ability, and illustrated by misoprostol instructive cases. I prefer one with a moderately thick handle in order to mg allow a firm The needle is attached to the conducting wire from the negative pole.

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