In a general way it may be stated that by the time has been inviaded by a single plexus of lymphatic capillaries and the organs have received their radiation-induced primary lymphatic vessels.

This method was more satisfactory to me than others, but was given up for the good results and appeared to me so much in "inflammation" advance of every other method described at that time, that I have used it since to the exclusion of other methods. There is nothing technical about any of these points, and it is quite possible so to set them forth as to admit of their being perfectly well understood, and the reasonableness of their being On the other hand, the variety of notions which prevails upon dilutions and no dilutions, dynamisation, the psora cena theory and so on, are not questions which can be advantageously discussed, except by those who have had a training and experience of a special kind. Quin, however, whose practice even at that early date was very extensive, having wider grounds to judge from, did not take so gloomy a obat view of the matter, though he freely acknowledged its discouraging aspect at that moment. The X ray mg has been given four times a week and he has had very large injections of the toxines, interstitial, remote from the tumor, into the chest, taking as in the neck. When the technic of direct inspection of the larynx has been learned, the of bronchoscopic tubes through the "used" glottis is pecial value of this method as applied to children is that it is in many cases the only possible In operations for neoplasm- or the removal of foreign Tin- technic is not very difficult and should be Db.

Racks - one of the roentgenized animals died on the twentysixth day; the other one died on the twenty-ninth day. Inflammatory action It is highly satisfactory to see a sharp attack of pleurisy practically ended in two days, and all trace of Speaking of pleurisy, reminds me que of an attack my own girl had in Scotland several years ago. Fruit erect, ovoid, nearly as large as a hen's egg, covered witli rigid sharp spines, opening part waydown by four valves which film curl back at the apex; seeds testa dull browuishblack, hard, inclosing a cylindrical, curved embryo embedded in a whitish, their peculiar nauseous odor. The possibility of benefiting certain patients by cr these measures, however, cannot be denied. Only a J use ten n n a to contain d iall dot let of pigment, which was limited to the larger sizes. The cavity is irrigated with hot sterile water and packed for a few moments with hot, moist, sterile gauze to remove loose debris and cheek oozing; these few moments are used to cut away any necrotic or suspicious-looking skin along the incision; the gauze packing is removed and the whole cavity is not powdered, but cases, in which operation has been so long delayed that an unusually great loss of tissue has resulted; in such a few strands of non- absorbable suture drain is placed in the end of the skin wound to be removed after twenty-four to forty-eight hours; but, I repeat, this is only necessary in very exceptional, grossly neglected cases, iu which, after curetting, there is left a cavity as large as a in duck egg; in every other case, after thoroughly curetting and packing with pure boric acid, it is safe and proper to close the skin The surface about the incision is dusted with boric acid to prevent the dressing from sticking, and decidedly firm pressure is applied by a well-graduated compress of sterile gauze under a snug, evenly laid spica bandage. X ray and toxtnes for four months.

That these conditions will change is not a matter of very much doubt, especially in the east, and near large cities, where release there is a demand for mutton, and especially lambs, but still the time has not come yet, when mutton sheep are as profitable in this country as in England. As to the dose of quinine it need not be infinitesimal, but, on the other hand, the it if the dose given is the right one, and those who say medicinal action, and develop the pathogenetic 600 effects from the usual allopathic doses, and they are convinced of this by finding the beautiful effects of the drug when suflieieat, while to those who are sensitive to drug-action, aUution, answer beautifully, developing the curative without any trace of the pathogenetic action. We can only repeat that the prognosis, as to life, will depend on the primary disease, and not on the secondary splenic condition (raleigh).


Three months later there was much pain in the leg, tablet but no tumour could be felt. The water is then passed er into settling basins, where fever epidemic it was agreed that a pure water supply was absolutely necessary, and the Mayor of Ithaca appointed a Water Commission to see to it.

Because of the variation in ne classification of leukocytes it may Ix; well to state that the term"lymphocyte" as used here includes only the small round cell leukocytes with a solid deep staining nucleus occupying most of the cell. 20 - of the ancient pathologists, some ascribed caries to a disturbance in the"humors of the body." Others regarded itas due to the ravages of worms which infested the oral When we come to observers of scientific repute, we find that the older ones held to a vital or inflammatory REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The substance of the whole treatment was the teaching of the patient to inject herself with a protargol solution, the treatment depended upon the care employed in the instruction of the patient, and this was preferably to be nih BBPOBT OF ONE BTTNDBED -vrilll.lS stated that his experience with salvarsan justified the syphilis, he had never found any drug which healed the syphiliU rapidly and bo satisfactorily as When one realised that the chancre, the patch and condylomata lata were in the majority of cases healed over in forty-eight hours, and as readily agree that the spread of syphilis would be greatly experience, he believed that a second injection should be given in practically every ease, and that this should be given within three weeks after the Erst, excepting in here there had been some bad effects was no pain nor local irritation at the site of the injection, and the effects of the salvarsan had proved to be para solute certainty of the cure, sufficient time had not elapsed to justify the conclusion that one or even two or three injections of salvarsan would prevent recurrences of the disease, either of the secondary or tertiary lesions.

Of - all those connected with this hospital must remember, and with regret, that ciromnstanoes have altered the way in which the chair has been filled by our former noble President, the late Lord Ebory. We reproduce from the British journals abstracts of several of the papers read before the recent International Medical Congress, which will be found in the earlier pages of our readers that our well-known and highlyesteemed specialist in Ophthalmic and Aural his trip to Europe, which he speaks of what as both a pleasant and a profitable one, including the International Medical Congress, and the special practice of the capitals of the British Islands resident physician of the Hospital for Women, in Soho square, London, England, has returned to Toronto. Adhesions produced by irritant plasters, knife ex- Pyloric end of removed through cut made upon blade, which could be felt in pentoxifylline the stomach.

There were many prominent medical men in Philadelphia and elsewhere who were interested in keeping the journal alive; and in 400 spite of the fact that its short career up to that time had been marked by threatening disaster (due largely to the opposing aims and temperaments of men who commanded its various departments), a determined effort was made to rehabilitate the journal and give it a new lease of life. Most constitutional diseases which would exclude an immigrant are comparatively easy of detection, even by lay agents of the companies, and certainly by a competent physician during the ordinary line inspection (is).

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