He proposes a complete scheme for interaction the care of all lunatics by the State, providing for perfect publicity of procedure. Occasionally, after some unusual strain the dose had to be increased for a few days to obtain satisfactory diuresis, but the protective action drug of digitalis gave him a comfortable range of effort, and he suffered from none of the usual phenomena of heart disease. We read further in Wilken:' A horrible sight greeted the pilgrims 10 when they took possession of Damietta. Numerous modifications of the original methods have been suggested, the most important relatiag to demerol quantitative determinations.

After its removal it continues to pulsate just as effects before, and, consequently, any action of the drug on the rhythm or force of its beats can be very easily noticed.

What no relation has the purpura in this case to the occurrence of the convulsions at the later convulsions as the result of cerebral hoemorrhage. In the absence of more definite data, however, support for that belief must be sought in the record of other certain cases where the autopsies showed changes similar to those produced experimentally in rabbits, foci of softening, swelling and degeneration of axis cylinders, degeneration of ganglion cells, for fascicular degeneration, especially in the lateral tract and not secondary to other lesions, occasionally gliosis. A differential diagnosis is, therefore, of great importance, and in many cases generic it is almost impossible to determine by an ordinary examination the exact nature In the present case, the patient, an unmarried lady, forty-three years of age, consulted an able physician in BOSTON MEDIO AL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL, Paris for a tumor which had suddenly appeared, with some pain, in the left breast. Such treatment may he pncoded by a week or ten days of the rest cure, after which the work is emsam gradually initiated. It is claimed that man is about to lose showing the sacrum enroaching on the lumbar region, transforming the vertebra above it into a transitional one and reducing to sixteen the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, it may be at the expense of one region or of the other (dogs). For the last thirty years or more, the plateau of western North Carolina, of which Asheville is the center, has cheap been the Mecca toward which the faces of many of our afflicted have been turned. A committee has been apjiointcd to draw up a jietition to the Lord Mayor, and to take other necessary steps to obtain reparation, it is not clear that the grave owners can obtain any redress uk unless by a special Act of Parliament, as the Act which empoivers the Corporation to close burial grouads contains a clause releasing it from liability to indemnify grave owners. In a general way this view is correst, as is shown by the statistics collected by Jullien, who found that in a series of two hundred and eighteen cases of specific bone disease the average mg date of appearance was four years and a half after the initial lesion. In examining the body of a case of progressive pernicious anemia, which died in the third month of the disease, this author found that while the other muscles of the body were well preserved, buy those of the eye were pale and flabby and much degenerated. Order - they have both occurred within the last few months, and mcernini; the operative portion of the treatment they were, should like to remark that ill this case there was no loss of the liep.atic luhiess. Interactions - for such reasons, boards of health often require notification as in the case of typhoid fever, and then such names as" catarrhal fever,"" gastric fever," or local terras are likely to be used. NEW MEDICAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN (between). The profession is rallying round him with offers of assistance and of work; and a liberal subscription-list towards the expenses of receiving and entertaining this great Association has been formed, and is still increasing (side).


SURGERY and ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. In addition a series of paragraphs relating to purchase certain other experiments not mentioned by Drs. She was ordered again to take the pills, and follow rx them up with castor-oil. The fever is not high, but chills are frequent without much if any When a joint is the seat of of septic infection we have great local pain and tenderness, especially on the slightest movement of the parts.

Dosage - examination showed this to be secondary to a purulent rhinitis (no membrane). Followed by neuritis "selegiline" and multiple neuritis.

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