Bezzola worked out his material it is expressly stated that alcoholism in the "precio" nits was four times as common as epilepsy. How - the patient speedily recovered from the immediate effects of the amputation, and progressed favorably during the three following days. This root is cost rightly held in high" lenta.

(To for be concluded.) Lung Diseases.

Effects - the glonoin was continued every three or four hours.

Diluted alcohol is the best lavage antidote against phenol; ferrichydrate and magnesia, the best against arsenic; white of egg (one to every four grains), for bichloride of mercury; cobalt, nitrate in water, for cyanides; common salt solution, for silver nitrate; starch water, for iodine; weak copper sulphate solution (three grains in a pint) for phosphorus; very weak ammonia water, for and formaldehyde; albumen water or eggs and milk, for most metallic salts; lime water, for oxalic acid and oxalates; and a solution of baking soda, for zinc and copper salts.

The breathing is superficial, but labored, as is shown by the contraction of the auxiliary muscles carbamazepine of inspiration and the play of the nostrils.


There is no essantial difference between croup and diphtheria; diphtheritic inflammation is the severer form of the disease, croupous inflammation the milder (600). An enterprising Californian has patented the use of hydrated alumina as a decolorizer and defector of name saccharine liquid and vegetable juices, in the refining of sugar.

Although it was realized that a sufficiency of creosote could not be introduced into the tuberculous organism to kill the tubercle bacilli or even to inhibit their growth without injuring the organs, some authors claimed that the drug acted especially as an intestinal antiseptic and by improving the bronchial irritation and the amount of and that creosote exerted a beneficial effect upon the concomitant mixed infections of phthisis: trileptal. It is frequently 300 used in the treatment of gonorrhea after the acute inflammation has subsided. The infant died forty-eight hours after sound introduced into the "order" vagina gave no indication of the presence of the rectum. To-day I recur to these views, and as nine years ago I w'as, so to-day I am, encouraged by the teaching of my dear master the late Professor John Goodsir (bottle). In anorexia "side" its power of promoting the appelite is unmistakable.

Bruiton, of the Royal Free Hospital, says he has treated tonsilitis by the use of guaiacum for several years, on the idea that the tonsils are an offshoot weight of the alimentary canal, and that the inflamed structures are best relieved by free catharsis.

Diagnosis is made by "of" currettement. The urine has a trace mg of albumen. To employ the term rheumatic, either as prefix or suffix, is redundant, unnecessary, unscientific: generic. In the extremely fetid sputum of one he found sulphuretted hydrogen, butyric, lactic, and, very probably, formic acids, and neither leucin, tyrosin, caprin, nor caprylic acid (much). In Her Majesty's dragoon regiments, which are submitted to inspection, and vaccinated without exception where it is found to have been omitted, the deaths from Small-Pox, during a period of seven years and three months, In our own country, I can not find that we have much proof of the extirpating power of vaccination; and throughout the length and breadth of this favored land I have no doubt the lamentable fact exists which we find in our own and everywhere else, who have never been vaccinated (depression). The Parliament ordered the poor creatures to be sent film to their homes, without inflicting any punishment upon them." Such views began to show themselves elsewhere. In rare cases the first eruption may be accompanied with 50 fever, but usually the patients are troubled only with increased salivation, and with difficulty in chewing and swallowing. And marked can daily remissions which were noted by Dr. They may be from the introduction of serpent or insect venom, or they may be due to such fearful poisons as gfve rise to malignant diphtheria, cerebro-spinal meningitis, or puerperal and other forms of septicemia: price.

These worthies are the'husbands' of the before -mentioned does ladies.

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