Y., Academy of Medicine; Medical Societies (Section in Gynjccology); New Bedford, Mass., Society for Philadelphia Neurological Society; Baltimore Clinical Society; Chicago Gynaecological Society (annual): uk. In the first place, it is impossible to use any inorganic or metallic germicide with which it w "discounts" r ould have to come in contact. The small sewers are likely to be half filled by the daily flow, during at least a part of the day, while the large ones, proportioned for carrying rain-water, may be so filled only at rare intervals, during heavy rains, and for a great part of the time they carry only a driblet, say five or six dosage per cent, of their whole capacity. With - the gauze purchased by the patient, twenty-five or fifty yards at three cents per yard, is to be nuule into vulvar pads and sponges I believe the small spring scales in general use are very inaccurate, but nothing else with which I am ac(juainted takes their place and most households are not provided with a suitable weighing balance. She had worn a gold palate for many years with tolerable comfort, but the loss of some of her teeth, and the the consequent alteration of the shape of the upper maxUla, rendered her artificial palate almost useless. On Comparative Longevity in Man and the JSaecTcel, buy History of Creation (translation). After death, cancer of the pylorus was found (effects).

He does not regularly attend any hospital, though, as consulting surgeon of Guy's, he is ready to there visit when he can be useful, and his attendance is hailed with pleasure by the surgeons, as a gratifying occurrence.

As he laboured under symptoms of compression the trephine -was resorted to, in the hope like of finding blood effused between the dura mater and the bone. If the products of reaction conception are retained, they should first be removed. The bleeding had apparently stopped, and the physician had left the house, but had been hastily summoned several hours later, found on his arrival the child of very much exsanguinated, and, in si)iteof efforts to stop the haemorrhage, the child had died in a few hours. Infiltrating the lowest part of the pharynx, and the commencement of the o'sophagus, and connected w ith the posterior part of the cricoid cartilage, is a growth, apparently scirrhous, two inches in length, an inchand-a-half in breadth, and half-an-inch in gi'catest thickness: side. The experiment, then, has been tried, and we need only mention for our encouragement the Massachusetts General Hospital, reviews the Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, and the Blind Asylum.

Calibre was coupled on francais to it, having a length of fifty feet.

This custom, which has ever beset the Boston Medical mastercard and Surgical Journal with misfortune, we have always regretted. One ligature of external iliac, with gangrene and amputation, is cured (Diver). Loimologia, or historical account of disulfiram the HoDGKiN (Thomas).


Most important in studies upon bacteriolysis and hemolysis, as furnishing the digestive ferment or complement pills essential for the completion of those processes, fresh normal serum has not fulfilled the hopes once entertained for it as a therapeutic agent in bacterial disease, either alone or combined with specific antisera. Imagine dose a woman making sweetmeats in such a way. But the best plan of all is to shift the encamping ground, and we should remember the old Roman maxim, based doubtless on observation of typhoid fevers, that this must be done more The exanthemata, measles, and scai'let fever sometimes spread largely through an army; the only plan is to separate all cases, and send them one day's march on the flank of the army, if it can be done, not in the direction of the alcohol line of supplies.

Any surgeon having much to do with urethral surgery has noticed in some very modest and nervous patients the extreme prostration from shock on passing over any instrument into the urethral canal, and much greater is this shock in these nervous patients after passing a urethrotome, even though the cutting has been very slight and no pain has been experienced. In short, nothing should be left undone to make the patient's stay as pleasant and The physicians, as well as all those who have to do with the consumptives, should be animated by a high sense of duty, for while some patients are resigned definition and willing, others are very nervous and irritable, and much tact, forbearance, and kindness must be combined with a neverfailing decision and firmness in dealing with them. It will also be noted that the larger number of our cases has been major operations, and that consequently the anesthesia has been continued with ether: drinking. " It was counter for me a quite new discovery that, in the beginning of the fojtal development, there exist two umbilical veins in the funis. In a so-called legal sense and in its relations to social organization, law may be termed formulated equity and aj)plied justice; but, in the words of and lilackstone," No human laws are of any validity if contrary to the law of Nature, and such of them as are valid derive all their force and all their authority, mediately or Man is a gregarious animal. Among his contemporaries in the profession uniformly high and polished, yet withal so plain, not one of them approached liartlett (online).

Considerable sloughing of the pancreas took to place. And indeed treatment such honors appear by no means ill-deserved when we consider that the kite-string in Franklin's memorable experiment in a field (as it was then) near Philadelphia has become the progenitor, not only of the multitude of lightning-rods which protect dwellings in every part of the civilized world, but also of the marvellous network of telegraph wires and of ocean cables which during the last half-century have so vastly modified the social and mercantile life of mankind.

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